6 things that are worse than being single!

6 things that are worse than being single!

6 things that are worse than being single!

There are really many positives to being single, such as the fact that you and only you set the rules in your life, you can go out as many dates as you want, flirt with whoever you want or escorts Athens and of course see your friends whenever you want makes fun without constantly hearing moans and complaints. Even if there are times when you feel lonely and you miss the warm embrace of a partner, believe me it is better to be alone than with someone you do not deserve.

So being single, you can commit to many things that you would not have the opportunity to do if you were in a relationship. And this is worth appreciating! Not everyone sees it that way, however, and it is wrong. The “yes to whatever” relationship, just to not feel lonely, is the worst thing you can do to yourself. These lonelinesses have many positives to give you, while on the other hand, a relationship can hide unpleasant situations that only manage to cause you pain.

Here are some things far worse than being single:

1. To be deceived

Everyone hated infidelity. Unfortunately, even though one does not want to be in this position, there are still people who put others. The good old saying “do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you” that we were told by children, clearly goes for a walk and a heart hurts irreparably. And because wherever you look you hear about toxic and problematic relationships, prefer a thousand times to be alone, rather than with a heavy head.

2. To be lied to

Everyone tells us little lies once in a while, the world is not lost either. However, this is another thing, and it is another thing for your partner to talk to you every day and without any hesitation. The whole essence of the relationship is lost (which is trust) and generally you have someone next to you who is not respected in the slightest. And tell me, what to do with such a person? You better be single! So many songs have been written for singles.

3. To isolate you from family and friends

Some people are so possessive that when they make a new relationship, they fall flat on their face and leave no room. Of course, young couples also want to spend most of their time together, but up to a point. It existed before life. You still have family, friends and a need for personal time and no one has a say in them. Tell me, are you thinking about it now? Aren’t “loneliness” so bad after all?

4. To question your worth

Unfortunately, I have seen this in many couples. For some reason some people like to compete even in their own relationship! You do not have to separate anything with your partner, you do not have to prove your worth, you do not need to pretend to be something you are not. Or maybe not; It is not at all pleasant to have next to you a person who sees you as competitive and tries to reduce everything you do, from the professional to the social sector. Among other things, it stinks of jealousy and with it the relationship between you is not going to go anywhere. We need to support our partner, not tripod him or her and question his or her worth just to feel more important.

5. Do not be respected

I often mention that respect is the A and the Z in a relationship. So is! If you stop respecting your partner and start to reduce him, insult him and generally put him at a disadvantage, the game is lost. So from being in a relationship that is not respected and appreciated, it is a thousand times better to be single, accompanied by your self-esteem! These are things that you can not demand from the other, but only to win.

6. Losing yourself

When you start something often, you want to do things that please the other person, forgetting your own desires and revising your views, resulting in you losing touch with yourself in an effort to get along better with your partner. You enter paths where you have no idea how you ended up and you try to remember who you were before, because that way you finally felt happier. Relationships have this, to distance us from ourselves, so appreciate the time you have to devote to yourself and stop dreaming of relationships and romantic walks on the beach. Often, the scenario where you are single is much better.

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